[LINK] Web Central outage - was The Sky didn't fall. Yet.

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Wed May 6 21:32:49 AEST 2009

linda rouse wrote:

> If data corruption had not been able to be resolved in this way, 
> customer data could still have been restored from the backup copies of 
> our mail system although the volume of data involved is so large that it 
> would have taken significantly longer to restore and our priority was to 
> avoid making a bad situation worse.

I think I would put a lot of stock into that sentence (yes it is a 
single sentence) alone and if my ISP was so large and the volume so 
great that this was true AND they had not implemented a way of managing 
this appropriately, I wouldn't want to be continuing with them.


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