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My blog tonight.....

Tomorrow - Australia Decides its Broadband Future

Tomorrow will be a great day for the future of Australia's communication

The technical engineering folk and tele-communication company suits will
convene to discuss the industries perspective on Fibre to the home
Broadband at the Observatory Hotel Sydney with the culmination being a
conference participant jointly prepared statement of Industry sentiment
and conference conclusions that will be presented to the Minister,
Stephen Conroy during a round table dinner latter in the day.

The Academic community and public of Australia will connect with Senator
Kate Lundy - mainly via SMS length messages on the Twitter protocol to
exchange relevant "Highlight only" messages at Australia National
University, Seminar Room 101, in the Department of Computer Science
Ground Floor in Canberra.

It's a shame that the two events have to be held concurrently depriving
many who would like to attend both from being involved.

We present the Agenda items for both events, unfortunately - with the
rider that the industry organised event has been sold out.

Kate Lundy Taking Australia forward with openness and vision Event

Access live stream here http://dld.anu.edu.au/public-sphere
Agendas snipped for Brevity
But available here
Our comments:

It would be nice to be able to attend both events.
Possibly in future, one would hope that these events will be
complimentary and not competitive.

We also are sad to find that the free event, the one that isn't sold
out, is artificially limiting the opinions of participants by using
technology restricted to 140 characters per comment.

I understand that this an exciting experiment in open Government.
Unfortunately, it would seem that the message to the Minister from the
"Suits" will be far more eloquent than that from the Academic community.

As it was in the beginning, as it is now, and as it will be no doubt
forever be.
Mind you - if anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat - it's Senator Kate
Lundy - so we wait with baited breath.


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