[LINK] Public Sphere #1 High Bandwidth for Australia Live from Canberra

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu May 7 10:57:22 AEST 2009

At 09:20 AM 7/05/2009, Tom Worthington wrote:
>Greetings from "Public Sphere #1 - High 
>Bandwidth for Australia". This is happening in 
>the famous room N101 at the ANU College of 
>Engineering and Computer Science in Canberra and 
>online, via Twitter #publicsphere and Video 
>streaming. I am speaking about broadband and 
>social media to combat climate change shortly. 
>Links in my Blog: 
>Schedule Pre-recorded sessions marked with an 
>*     * 0830 Coffee at the Purple Pickle next 
>door to venue     * 0900 Introduction and 
>comments - Senator Lundy     * 0910 The 
>‘unexplored country’ we will be entering 
>with high speed     broadband - Craig Thomler. 
>Presentation slides.     * 0920 Green ICT - Tom 
>Worthington. Presentation slides     * 0930 
>Building a Smarter Planet - what is happening in 
>the digital     world to build a digital economy 
>and the imperative that we 
>harness     technology to position Australia for 
>the challenges it is facing -     Judy Anderson 
>(IBM)     * 0940 Opportunities for online 
>collaboration over long distances     with high 
>speed broadband * - James Purser. Presentation 
>video file,     on Youtube and presentation 
>slides.     * 1000 Public empowerment through 
>public engagement with government     at all 
>levels - Stephen Collins. Presentation 
>Paper.     * 1010 Citizen engagement and 
>community participation online: The     Canadian 
>experience - Michael De Percy. Presentation 
>slides.     * 1020 Government service delivery 
>in the new contexts of (a)     broadband, (b) 
>highly diverse access devices, (c) highly 
>diverse     patterns of use, and (d) highly 
>diverse human needs - Roger 
>Clarke.     Presentation paper.     * 1030 Short 
>coffee break     * 1040 Rural and regional 
>accessibility in regard to 
>accessing     agricultural and environmental information for those working

I'm getting lots of messages in this form with no 
line breaks. Is it a PDA thing?
totally unreadable. Not just Tom's message, but thought I'd raise it.


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