[LINK] The Battle of the Conferences.

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> On 06/05/2009, at 10:41 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> > We also are sad to find that the free event, the one that 
> isn't sold 
> > out, is artificially limiting the opinions of participants by using 
> > technology restricted to 140 characters per comment.
> Who's "we"?
Um - that's the Royal WE, the KRAFT old codgers that can manage a single
task at a time.

> What rubbish. Opinions are no more limited to 140 characters by  
> Twitter than this email is limited to 80 characters because 
> that's the  
> length of one line of text in some ancient medium. You just 
> keep going  
> in the next message or line. Or you link to material 
> elsewhere. Or you  
> post a comment at the Senator's blog. Or you spend a couple days  
> reflecting on what you've heard and send a 5000-word essay later.
> I get that you don't like or "get" Twitter, Tom, and that's fine.

I love twitter. But Twitter really is a look at me Headline grabber.
And in fact a friend and ex colleague has ust developed a brilliant app
for twitter that makes it so much more "useful"....... Gratuitous
advertising link follows

I just don't feel that my sreen filling up with:

(Random collection from one tweeter follows)
that's so cool! #publicsphere
Local Government FTW and FAIL! #publicsphere 
what's backhaul? #publicsphere 
@purserj cool, thanks #publicsphere 
audio/video synchronisation is getting further out #publicsphere 
I wish I had money! I'd hire a bunch of you and just do it #publicsphere

Yay! #publicsphere 
RT: @Trib @silviapfeiffer agree. Broadband access need to be utility
grade - equal access for all and just there. #publicsphere 
I keep clapping presenters. Is that weird seeing as I'm not there!
@KateLundy great question Kate! This is why i used to vote for you! (no
longer live in Canb) #publicsphere 

Actually assisted me or abyone else for that matter in groking the
presenters content.

Now add alcohol, and an easy chair, well then you have a social
environment called a party - then Twitter is excellent value.

> But for those that DO know how to use it in an interactive  
> environment, or for those who are willing to learn or 
> experiment, it's  
> an interesting and useful *addition* to all the other methods of  
> participating -- which also including going to Seminar Room 1001 at  
> ANU..

My contention is - only if you know the people tweeting/twittering

> A more useful criticism would be to ask Senator Conroy's office why  
> *his* interaction is at a luxury hotel, out of range of most players  
> in "the industry" except those who can afford full -time lobbyists  
> with expensive suits and why, as far as I know, it *won't* be 
> streamed  
> live on the web for everyone to see.

Because His (Senator Conroy's) interaction was set-up by a commercial
organisation lobby group and is the traditional way of talking to
politicians - well since about the last 200 years at least.

So my article - Battle of the Conferences - was actually quite accurate.

We have the old - clashing with the new.
Secrecy, favours owed, political clout -v- Open Government.

BTW - I prefer the open Gov format.


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