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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Fri May 8 07:18:08 AEST 2009

On 07/05/2009, at 7:07 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> I love twitter. But Twitter really is a look at me Headline grabber.

Is that Twitter's fault? Or the "mainstream media" for seeing  
something that's the rapidly-rising star, the "next big thing", and  
making a little bit too much of a deal about it?

Tom, there's actually a key tweet in the ones you list:

> I keep clapping presenters. Is that weird seeing as I'm not there!
> #publicsphere

I've read that one three times and I'm still pondering the  
implications. As I might put it in a tweet, just to annoy people,  
"Telepresence FTW!". ;)

> Now add alcohol, and an easy chair, well then you have a social
> environment called a party - then Twitter is excellent value.

Telepresence again? The relaxed, rambling, sometimes-witty, sometimes- 
not conversation that happens at the pub, but without the pub?

>> [snip] it's
>> an interesting and useful *addition* to all the other methods of
>> participating -- which also including going to Seminar Room 1001 at
>> ANU..
> My contention is - only if you know the people tweeting/twittering

Perhaps that's the point. New arrivals to Twitter who random follow  
the 20-odd "celebrities" Twitter suggest usually have a disappointing  
experience. People who plunge into creating connections with people  
they actually know and their circle or friends and colleagues seem to  
have a better experience.

>> A more useful criticism would be to ask Senator Conroy's office why
>> *his* interaction is at a luxury hotel, out of range of most players
>> in "the industry" except those who can afford full -time lobbyists
>> with expensive suits and why, as far as I know, it *won't* be
>> streamed
>> live on the web for everyone to see.
> Because His (Senator Conroy's) interaction was set-up by a commercial
> organisation lobby group and is the traditional way of talking to
> politicians - well since about the last 200 years at least.
> So my article - Battle of the Conferences - was actually quite  
> accurate.
> We have the old - clashing with the new.
> Secrecy, favours owed, political clout -v- Open Government.
> BTW - I prefer the open Gov format.

On all that, we're in furious agreement.

I'm annoyed I mistyped "Room 101" though.


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