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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Fri May 8 08:53:14 AEST 2009

Pia, I have now anlaysed all of the tweets and I must say approximately
50 of the tweets should have been shown to presenters during the
speaking programe.

In other words - a moderated tweet list displaying on two screens - one
the audience can see and one the speaker can see would actually add to
the quality of the question time for each presentation.

But the job of moderating might be a little hard and I cant think of a
way of automating it.

With the "Hear Hear" Tweets, they should be time stamped - with two
versions of the production being released post session - Production 1 -
Sans Tweets - Production 2 - Tweets scrollong across the bottom of the
screent (Tweet Feed)

Live streaming :

I suggest Split screen four windows.

Screen 1:  Presentation sans comment.
Screen 2:  HTML Relevent Moderated Tweets shown - (Synching provided by
time stamps) 
Screen 3:  HTML (Open Source Chat Room) All tweets shown - Synching
(Time stamp minus 360 nanoseconds per character) 
Screen 4:  HTML - Speaker relevant slides synced by the speakers slide
activation - With URL info fro retrieval of presentation materials.

In this way public engagement will increase and the true multimedia
nature of the event will allow an accurate measure of public sentiment
offering the Government a valuable feedback channel - that will
hopefully next time be recorded for posterity with relevent sound/visual
bites being released to the press.

I consider the "experiment" was a success.

I still question twitter - but have been bludgeoned into submission by
the quality of some of the tweets.

And after all if every tweeter can see their tweets being part of
Government - on the screen next to the presenter - well Democracy will
start to gain trust from the Australian people once more.


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