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Phillip Musumeci pmusumeci at gmail.com
Fri May 8 10:42:55 AEST 2009

| From: Jan Whitaker <jwhit at melbpc.org.au>
| Subject: Re: [LINK] Forum on high speed bandwidth in Australia
| At 08:53 AM 8/05/2009, Tom Koltai wrote:
| >Live streaming :
| >
| >I suggest Split screen four windows.
| I disagree. As someone who watched the stream in the original form
| and at the lower 'speed' quite easily [no way I could access a 2mb
 ~~~text cut~~~
| If you want to have streams of the various feeds, feel free, but it's
| not an elegant bandwidth use solution to use a 256+ channel for text.

This could be OK, and seeing speakers and slides separately would have been

I'd suggest that individual feeds be tried for each source of AV information
such as speaker video+audio, slide projector(s) video, etc.  This simplifies
setup as the recipient can just run multiple players which we know they
already can do. It also relieves management during the broadcast, perhaps
allowing a focus on editing and/or synchronising of other textual

The bandwidth cost should be low for an image sequence (feed) containing a
very small number of scene changes such as slides, probably not much more
than the encoder data required to update a display after each individual
slide change, but I suppose a specific limit could be applied on these
"auxiliary" feeds if desired.

Phillip Musumeci

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