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Sat May 9 00:35:05 AEST 2009

Pia writes,

> .. as mentioned, it is an experiment. One that will require fine tuning
> and adapting both now and into the future. Cheers, Pia

Well done Pia .. a great initiative. And, you've made Aussie history :)

I know we may be somewhat 'locked into' this experimental format chosen
and i have no problem with that, but as a suggestion, you may also wish
to have a look at other formats as well, during your experimental stage?

For eg Tom W mentions one today and one should like to put another idea
which the Vic EdDpt is utilizing frequently and with quite some success:

Elluminate: http://knowledgebank.globalteacher.org.au/elluminate/

Previous use: http://knowledgebankconference2008.globalteacher.org.au/

Future use: http://knowledgebank.globalteacher.org.au/2009/04/08/anywhere-

Elluminate is an online application allowing a group of people to 
communicate in real time through an internet connected computer. You use 
your own computer to listen, speak to others and participate in 
activities. All users enter a ‘room’ at a set time, where different 
people take on the roles of participants, presenters and facilitators.

Elluminate is:

* easy to install and use - you don’t need to download any large files 
* easy to join - all you have to do is click on an email or website to
  enter an Elluminate room 
* recordable - so even if you can’t make it to a session, you can come
  back at a later stage and watch what happened 

And it’s interactive. Any participant can:

* listen to the presenter and see their presentation 
* speak to others using a microphone headset 
* communicate during the session, for example by raising your hand to ask
  a question, laughing, applauding, or responding to an instant survey 
* use text chat to ask or answer questions 
* drawing and writing on a whiteboard 
* share any file or application on your computer with the other people in
  the session 

It just seems to me that you were flat out during the session, which does
not seem fair to you. The system chosen works fine, and will obviously be
improved for next time, with all the ideas noted and presented, I'm sure. 

But for max benefit, we really need you, especially, concentrating on the
content rather than the mechanics. So, perhaps an out-of-the-box solution
might be worth a try, as another experiment?

I don't know what linker opinion about this is, obviously, but Vic EdDpt
appears happy with it, and i would think that Linkers have ideas re this?

Nb1: for elluminate, java needs to be enabled.
Nb2: I have one complaint re George's event summary.. the graffiti on the
     edge of the table in the first photo is mis-spelt & not ANU standard.


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