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On 2009/May/08, at 7:36 PM, Kim Davies wrote:

> Quoting Kim Holburn on Friday May 08, 2009:
> | I just discovered the ".tel" TLD.  I suppose it was launched to claw
> | back some of the social networking functionality into DNS (and  
> | You can add all your contact data in DNS records and store them in
> | DNS.  It's not clear to me who actually stores the data and how they
> | store it.  I guess further reading is warranted.  Has some  
> interesting
> | uses in the area of disaster recovery.
> It is the same technology as ENUM (i.e. NAPTR records in the DNS),
> except instead of being tied to a telephone number, it is tied to a
> .tel domain. Upside is no regulatory quagmire as with telephone number
> assignments,


> downside is its another identifier to remember with a lack
> of a killer app to spur adoption.

It's not clear to me but when you "buy" a .tel domain (or perhaps  
"rent" would be a more fitting description), do you get the rights to  
the subdomains or does the registrar hold them and "sell" them  
separately, like id.au?


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