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> Already we have domain-sellers telling us we need to register  
> example.com and example.net and example.com.au and example.biz and  
> example.info and whatever else they invent so no-one else can use  
> them. And yet, increasingly people don't use URLs directly but just  
> type the company name into Teh Googlez. The underlying URLs are  
> gradually disappearing.
> In short, inventing new GTLDs is a scam.

Im not too sure.
I recentely registered p2p.tel.

I think that tells a story all by itself.

As do the http://www.sesamestreet.tv/ type domain names. 

There is still a place for a good domain name - and logically therefore
- additional TLD's.

The more TLD's that are released, the lower the annual "rental fees"
will be - AND the more likely folk will return to their country's
registrar (long term).

There are other uses for TLD's - e.g.: allabout.sex - and country
leggislation that all X and R rated content be only on .sex TLD's with
cross border fines applicable for any breaches. Now we're talking. That
would make parental controls - (and rabbit proof internet filters) easy
AND workable.

Additional TLD's have a valid place - just no-one has got together to
decide on the standardisation - everyone just hoped that the public
would "Grok" the concept and go local.

The .au TLD is poorly represented because (I think quite rightly) Robert
Elz decided to not allow exhtortionist cyber squatters by demanding a
proof of pty ltd registration.
However - the administrative costs have forced a lot of small SOHO
business to subsequentely register in other registries.

Oh dear - with the result - that Australia that was in number 5 (issued
domain names) position in 1995 is now number 26.
(With the qualifier - that better populated countries have also had a
lot to do with that lowered ranking and .com and .net domains hosted in
the USA are much more likely to be botted more frequentely - therefore -
a higher page ranking results.)

So I say - bring on the additional TLD's - the more the merrier. Market
forces will dictate the validity.


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