[LINK] .tel domains

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Sat May 9 10:44:11 AEST 2009

Quoting Stilgherrian on Saturday May 09, 2009:
| The "killer app" is not for the en domain-holder but the domain- 
| seller: Yet another .X which they can convince corporations' lawyers  
| to spend money on to "protect the brand".
| In short, inventing new GTLDs is a scam.

Au contraire. If the significant expansion of new gTLDs projected over
the next few years comes to pass, it will no longer be a reasonable
endeavour to protect your mark in every conceivable name space. Right
now there are 280 top-level domains, of which 248 are country codes. Why
would anyone but the pathological want defensive registrations when the
number of TLDs are in the thousands? This is even more so with the idea
of corporate top-level domains like ".google" and ".pepsi" being bandied


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