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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat May 9 19:40:38 AEST 2009

Peter writes,

>>> I don't know what linker opinion about this is obviously, but Vic 
>>> EdDpt appears happy with it, and, i would think that Linkers have
>>> ideas re this?
>> (Jan) Have you used it?
>> How many people can connect simultaneously?

Good questions, Jan .. and nowdays only relief teaching when the local
high schools need me, have yet to find any Elluminate session of major
interest, so no i have no personal experience. Busy with other matters.

But have heard very good comments, and i note, Elluminate insists upon
headsets (with mikes), so echo, rustling, etc is apparently no problem.

Of course max participants is very important. As it seems 30-40 people
attended/twittered this one, maybe 50 might seem the reasonable limit?

Sure a big ask for any web2 e-conference but limits seem reasonable as
with any meeting virtual or real. Any link opinion re this? Is it best
to stream and tweet, which, with enough server grunt, seems open-ended
or, limit things to first come first served, as with non-virtual meets?

But bad luck George, with on the day hardware issues preventing saving. 

> Another option for non-Victorian educators to consider is EdNA Groups  
> - http://www.groups.edna.edu.au/  This includes, Moodle, rss feeds, a
> forum, mailing lists, etc, and also, Live Classroom, which appears to
> be very similar to Elluminate. Cheers, Peter 

Ah, Peter Batchelor. You've a very well-known name in VicEd e-circles :)

Thanks PB .. as you say EdNA Groups might also appear a suitable venue.


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