[LINK] Fwd: MR53-09: ACMA to review use of shared numbers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Sun May 10 10:48:11 AEST 2009

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> From: "Australian Communications & Media Authority"  
> <media at acma.gov.au>
> Date: 7 May 2009 11:45:57 AM
> To: <tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au>
> Subject: MR53-09: ACMA to review use of shared numbers  
> Reply-To: media at acma.gov.au
> As part of its ongoing broader response to pressures affecting the  
> telecommunications regulatory framework, the Australian  
> Communications and Media Authority today released a discussion  
> paper seeking public and industry feedback in relation to the  
> future use and management of shared numbers. The full media release  
> can be found at http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_311717

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