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At 09:20 AM 7/05/2009, I wrote:
 >Greetings from "Public Sphere #1 - High Bandwidth for Australia" ...

There were several requests for summaries of the material from the 
event and comments about the use of Twitter. By an amazing 
coincidence just issued:


Executive Twitter Based Technology Briefing Service Announced

Canberra 8 May 2009: The Link Institute announced today a Twitter 
based service to deliver technology briefings to its subscribers. The 
"Subscriber Update Program for Executive Resource for Filtered 
Information Communications Interface Access List" ("SUPER-FICIAL") 
will be available from today to all Link platinum level subscribers 
in the form of an SMS message.

Professor Klerphell, Director of the Link Institute, responded to 
recent criticism for failing to provide suitably summarized 
technology information:

"There has been concern voiced by some of our subscribers that the 
information from the recent "High Bandwidth for Australia" event was 
not in a suitably summarized executive format. The staff involved 
with this event provided detailed written materials, video and audio, 
so subscribers could study the material in detail and draw their own 
conclusions. I have had to discipline them for this lapse of 
judgement. Our executive subscribers are not paying a five figure sum 
to receive detailed and timely information, nor think for themselves: 
they want executive briefings. The staff involved will not be 
receiving their usual six figure bonuses this year."

The link Institute has hired at team of executive report writers, 
head-hunted from the Gartner Group and Readers Digest Condensed books 
division. The team will take material from future technology events 
and summarize for executive readers:

"We want to make sure we meet industry standards for technology 
reports, so our briefings will only contain information which has 
already appeared in a Microsoft press release." Klerphel said.

The Link Institute uses an exponential scale of fees for its bronze, 
silver, gold and now platinum services: the less information 
provided, the higher the fee. The new "Platinum" executive briefing 
service will attract the highest charge, in keeping with the minimal 
information provided.

After 48 hours of intensive effort, the first briefing on the "High 
Bandwidth for Australia" conference has been released. Entitled 
"Broadband: mostly good", it was sent out today in an SMS message. 
Due to the need to include the usual copyright notice and disclaimer, 
the content of Link Institute platinum briefings are limited to 40 
characters of text and so the full content of the first briefing was: 
"Broadband: mostly good".



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