[LINK] How many Newspapers does it take to build Ayers Rock?

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Wed May 13 20:25:44 AEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 19:09 +1000, Tom Koltai wrote:
> Co-Lo's (server farms) use varying power - and routers are the secret of
> future CO2 savings.

A site will have one big router at 10KW, many switches at 1KW
and very many servers at 2KW. So its actually servers which
will produce the savings.

My previous comments were about internet provision, and it's
important to distinguish internet service, co-location and
enterprise sites when considering CO2 production causes.

If you look inside the server you are powering: hard disks,
CPUs and memory. So you're looking at slower smaller storage,
more efficient CPUs, and holding the amount of memory under
what might otherwise be optimal.  All of which is happening.

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