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At 12:40 PM 16/05/2009, Stilgherrian wrote:
> > No need for numbers on a common sense first
> > order principle.
>Sorry, you're making a case for NOT analysing risk properly, but
>instead relying on some sort of gut feeling, i.e. "common sense"? I
>don't know that that's terribly scientific.
>What's the "first order principle" here, by the way?

In this case a mistake of your analogy, money that is reasonably 
consistent in its value and is replaceable through a contracted 
protection [bank, federally issued, etc.] is somehow equal to data 
that may exist in only one place and not be replaceable and with no 
contracted protection, and probably contract that says specifically 
there is no contracted protection, use at your own risk. You don't 
need numbers to deal with that, nor science, just logic.

Who has the most interest in the data in a data cloud? Who is bearing 
the risk? Who 'cares' about the reliable storage of that data? Those 
are definitely risk analysis questions, don't you think? But there's 
nothing about measurement involved.

So I would say the first order principle is "who cares"?


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