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Roger Clarke wrote:

> Why it's time for guidelines on 'privacy and the media'
> http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=8914
> More content is now produced by the public than by media 
> corporations. This has many implications. This opinion piece 
> investigates one of them.

Bruce Schneier chimes in with "Should We Have an Expectation of Online
Privacy?" here:


   "This isn't a technological problem; it's a legal problem. The
    courts need to recognize that in the information age, virtual
    privacy and physical privacy don't have the same boundaries.
    We should be able to control our own data, regardless of where
    it is stored. We should be able to make decisions about the
    security and privacy of that data, and have legal recourse
    should companies fail to honor those decisions. And just as
    the Supreme Court eventually ruled that tapping a telephone
    was a Fourth Amendment search, requiring a warrant--even though
    it occurred at the phone company switching office and not in
    the target's home or office--the Supreme Court must recognize
    that reading personal e-mail at an ISP is no different."


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