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Tom writes,

> Greetings from the GAGGLE @ The Australian National University (today)
> a free meeting of educators at the ANU in Canberra, on e-learning and
> distance education ..

Thanks Tom. And, regarding e-learning ..

perhaps a worlds-best e-learning distance-education philosophical approach



Margaret writes,

 By ICT Mindtools I refer to ICT tools that necessarily engage users
 in higher order thinking.  

Students cannot use Mindtools without thinking deeply about the task at 
hand.  Mindtools require students to be creative and to think and make 
connections for themselves. 

The free online Tutorials:


Klik & Play 

Game Maker 

StarLogo TNG 

Squeak Etoys 


Games Unit 


Tales Animator 

3D Blender 



The Gimp

Media Computation 


VBA for PowerPoint 


Visual Basic 

Lego Robotics 


CMap Concept Mapping 

Digital Stories 

CSLU Speech toolkit 

KA Video 


Soda Constructor 

'Children need to learn learning, which is primarily acquired through the 
passion that comes from access, the ability to make things, to 
communicate and to express. 

Writing a computer program, while seemingly esoteric, is in fact the 
closest a child can come to thinking about thinking. Likewise, debugging 
a program is the closest one can come to learning learning.'

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Cheers Tom & Margaret

Stephen Loosley
Member, Victorian
Institute of Teaching

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