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I know it's not the weekend yet, but had to pass 
this along while it was fresh in my mind. I just 
heard a snippet on ABC radio news and then read 
this in my email from Publisher's Lunch. The 
'link' to the background is at the end.

>Little, Brown Fills In Missing Pieces of THE LINK
>The publisher has announced details about their 
>closely-guarded book set for release on May 20, 
>THE LINK, written by biologist Colin Tudge. It 
>focuses on what they call "the astonishing new 
>discovery that could change everything"--a 
>previously-secret, perfectly fossilized early 
>primate, "older than the previously most famous 
>primate fossil, Lucy, by an astonishing 
>forty-four million years," held in a vault "deep 
>within the heart of one of the world's leading 
>natural history museums." Called Ida, they say 
>this fossil "rewrites what we've assumed about 
>the earliest primate origins" and the book 
>offers "exclusive access to the first scientists to study her."
>Those scientists published their findings for 
>the first time today inPLoS One, the open-access 
>journal of the Public Library of Science, which 
>marks the first announcement of this remarkable fossil.
>Covering the full story of the discovery, 
>excavation, and preservation, and the 
>revolutionary significance of Ida, the book 
>includes a foreword by Norwegian fossil 
>scientist Dr. Jørn Hurum of  the University of 
>Oslo's Natural History Museum, "who for the past two years has led an
>international team of scientists as they 
>secretly conducted a detailed forensic analysis of the
>extraordinary fossil, studying the data to 
>decode humankind's ancient origins."
>The book is also being published by Little Brown 
>UK; Piper in Germany; and JC Lattes in France.
>at Revealing the Link site

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