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Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Wed May 20 22:40:13 AEST 2009

Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> I'll ask the (rhetorical) question again:
> What is it with the IT industry that we have so many people in senior 
> positions in industry bodies, vendors and user IT departments with no 
> formal qualifications in Electronics or Computer Science?
I have no formal qualifications in such things, but will hazard a guess....

Could it be because qualifications in electronics, engineering and comp. 
sci. tend to be focussed on the *doing* of the subject matter rather 
than management and business.
People in senior positions are generally not themselves picking up the 
soldering irons - they are developing business cases and budgets, 
staffing levels and government relations, and reports to the board, and 
employing people with the technical qualifications to actually do the 
work work.
Sure there are many counter-examples of people that have successfully 
made the transition between technical engineer and executive management 
- but as a very broad generalisation these two roles are attractive to  
completely different  types of people.

To use your question as an example - would the person who could best 
answer your question have a qualification in electronics or HR?


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