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>Site Lets Writers Sell Digital Copies
>By BRAD STONE, Published: May 17, 2009
>SAN FRANCISCO — Turning itself into a kind of electronic vanity
>publisher, Scribd, an Internet start-up here, will introduce on Monday a
>way for anyone to upload a document to the Web, and charge for it.

Someone else sent this to me yesterday. This is 
not news in terms of being original. Online 
digital selling has been going for quite a while, 
at least a couple years, combined with Print On 
Demand OR electronic versions. Not sure why this 
one is getting so much press. Maybe they just hired a NY promoter.

One piece of news was the bit I posted yesterday 
about On Demand titles out numbering print titles 
in the US last year. Doesn't mean they were 
'good' titles, particularly if the count was of 
some of the lower end of the market.


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