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At 09:50 AM 22/05/2009, Tom Koltai wrote:
>Unfortunately Richard - Telstra also do their "accounting" in weird and
>wonderful ways. For example, in the Glossary section they state that:

And given a TT report last night, it seems Telstra billing is still 
hopeless. Setting collection agencies loose on $.01 bills, changing 
accounts from clear to $.63 credit and continuing to send statements 
after accounts are closed, and refusing to stop billing dead people. 
Then the TT reporter went to Telstra headquarters and asked to speak 
to someone from Customer Services. The front desk staff had not idea 
of who to call upstairs!! It was shocking. Then some mucky-muck came 
down on his way somewhere else, saw the cameras and thought it was 
his interview. Poor sod. When he found out what it was about, he 
bugged out by saying he'd be right back. He never returned according 
to the reporter last night who waited a half-hour.

After the report, the host of TT said that the new Customer Service 
director, can't recall the name, had contacted them and said all the 
people who had written to TT would be contacted for dealing with 
their problems.

Want to take bets?

I had a job once at a customer where the billing was contestable. 
Telstra could NOT provide per call data for high-cost data calls on 
leased ISDN lines. The finance officer dug in his heals and said 
Telstra was getting no more payments until they could substantiate 
the charges. I don't know what happened on that one.


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