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I started a sceptic, but after interviewing Geodynamics' MD, I'm not so sceptical.



stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> Here's a Stock Exchange announcement today from one company that has
> recently developed the first geo-thermal power station in Australia ..
> Geodynamics: ASX ANNOUNCEMENT 20 MAY 2009 
> Innamincka Data Centre – Feasibility Study 
> Geodynamics is pleased to announce that it has engaged the Strategic
> Directions Group to undertake a detailed feasibility study on the concept
> of co-locating a data centre with the Commercial Demonstration Plant. 
> Stage 2 of the Company’s three stage business plan is to develop a
> Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP). In preparing the business case for
> investment in the CDP, the Company has been investigating the high level
> feasibility of supplying electricity from the CDP to co-located consumers 
> One of several options the Company has identified is the concept of the
> CDP supplying electricity to a co-located data centre with communications
> links into the existing national networks.  
> The engagement of the Strategic Directions Group follows the encouraging
> results of a pre-feasibility study into the concept. The detailed
> feasibility study will include identifying potential partners and
> selecting a preferred business model 
> The Company believes the concept of a co-located data centre is feasible
> due to the following key factors: 
> •  Data centres are intensive consumers of electricity and the CDP will
> be ideally placed to provide long term electricity supply contracts at
> competitive prices; 
> •  The CDP will be in a position to provide the data centre with a
> perfect hedge against the volatility of fossil fuel prices and carbon
> emission prices; and, 
> •  Communications infrastructure costs (laying underground optical fibre)
> are considerably lower than high voltage transmission costs 
> The Strategic Directions Group is a Queensland based information
> technology consultancy specialising in the development of state of the
> art data centres. Most recently, they were the design authority for the
> Polaris Data Centre project in Springfield, Queensland. The Polaris 
> Data Centre is a state of the art Tier 3+ data centre. More information
> on Polaris and the Strategic Directions Group can be found at:  
> http://www.strategicdirections.com.au/ 
> For further information please check our website (www.geodynamics.com.au)
> or contact Mr Gerry Grove-White or Mr Paul Frederiks on + 61 7 3721 7500. 
> Gerry Grove-White 
> Managing Director 
> Participants in the Innamincka Joint Venture are: 
> Geodynamics (Operator) – 70% 
> Origin Energy Geothermal Pty Ltd* – 30% 
> *A wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited (ASX: ORG) 
> About Data Centres
> A data centre is a facility used to house  computer systems and
> associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It
> generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data
> communications connections, environmental controls (eg, air conditioning,
> fire suppression) and security devices. 
> Data centres range from a designated room, within a building, to a
> dedicated facility constructed specifically to house information
> communications technology equipment. 
> The Innamincka Data Centre under consideration is conceived as a purpose
> built facility, designed and constructed specifically to house
> information communications technology equipment for one or more tenants.
> This facility will include provision for high speed connectivity,
> allowing tenants secure access to the data held on their systems in the
> data centre. 
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