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Leah Manta link at fly.to
Mon May 25 23:40:06 AEST 2009

At 12:13 25/05/2009, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>A Sydney mother was shocked to discover the article, after
>researching the book for her son.

Gee, really?

What about 8-12 year olds demostrating playground learned "adult 
style domestic violence and relationship" behaviours!

"You broke up with my friend Mary, you're gay"

"Mary is a slut, she sleeps with all the boys"

"I'm your girlfriend, you aren't allowed to talk to other girls."

"My boyfriend is Johnny, he's not allowed to hang with anyone else"

And then:

"We don't need to use condoms cause I can't get pregnant till I have 
my first period"  (PERSONALLY Overheard from a 9 year old girl 
talking to a boy of similar age walking home from school.)

Add in to that:

"You put super glue on your fingers and hands so you don't leave 
finger prints when you steal cars or beak into houses"


"Cocaine is a white powder that you can get form the park.  You sniff 
it up your nose and it makes you feel weird."

There's more!

This is 8-12 year olds my child's primary school.

Forget the Internet, it's the playground that's worse!

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