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> Net filtering may not be mandatory
> Andrew Colley
> May 26, 2009
> The Australian IT 
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It's sad that no-one has told the minister about "affiliate" sites with
on-demand "casual" unadvertised "C" classes.

There used to be a saying. A good Yale lock will only deter honest

A good internet Filter will only deter honest Web Hosting companies.

The reality is, anyone with clue can bypass the filter by using
redirectors, floating "C's".
Clients can bypass the filter by using annonymous tunneling cache peers.

At least by making the filter non-mandatory, Sentaor Conroy is at last
recognising the :

1.	Futility of the effort.
2.	Allowing the wowser contingent to be satisfied.
3.	Actually Governing like a Government.

Could there be two politicians in Australia that listen to the people ?

If this keeps up, before we all know it, we'll have a Government that we
will be proud of electing......

Nah - couldn't happen.

>From the anals of History...

Here's an article I wrote in May, 1993 for a magazine called Chips 'N
It would appear that little has changed in the intervening 16 years.

A little Peek at XXX

The Reverend Fred Nile is famous for his stance on anti-pornography, as
are several million others in Australia. Unfortunately for the anti
group there is also a fairly large percentage of the population that
either like pornography or at least are not "anti".
Recent magazine and Newspaper "Sensationalist" articles have attacked
the BBS community as comprising of "Paedophiles and Miscreants whose
only purpose is to lead your children astray". Rubbish!! I have run a
BBS for three years and have not yet managed to lead anyone astray. Yes
I do have an Adults Only section on my BBS and control access to it
through voice contact, State voting register or Drivers licence replica.
Do I have any deviates on my system that do nothing but use the "Adults
Only" area? No, the majority of people enter, look around, download a
few girlie or boy pictures (we have a section called "Hunks" for the
ladies) and never bother returning to the area. But curiosity demands
that they take a peek.
There are exceptions, for example, eighteen year old men seem to spend a
lot of time in that section (As no doubt I would have at that age.)
Reverend Nile and other moral leaders of our communities claim that
Bulletin Boards are instant access to "bad habits", violence and
misleading infonnation.
With all due respect, I reply that BBSs are just another publishing
method and the same "filth" can be found at any newsagency, library and
sometimes on home coffee tables. (Many of us bought "The Joy of Sex"
when it was fashionable to leave it lying around to show how "cool" we
I do however regrettably admit that not all BBS's control access to
their Adult areas with enough care and Chips 'N' Bits will continue to
attempt to educate Sysops that self regulation is infinitely superior to
Legislative action. 

We live in interesting times.

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