[LINK] Amazon settles Kindle-Deletion lawsuit

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from Publishers Lunch
>Amazon Settles Kindle-Deletion Suit
>Amazon has reached a settlement agreement with the Michigan teenager 
>who sued the retailer over the deletion of unauthorized editions of 
>two George Orwell ebooks from Kindles in July. The suit was designed 
>to acquire class-action status, but that became less of an issue 
>"because of Amazon's offer to fully reimburse affected consumers for 
>all works previously removed by Amazon from devices and to restore 
>notes and annotations."
>Amazon will pay $150,000 to settle the suit--somewhat better than 
>the $30 gift certificate offered to those who didn't sue--but the 
>law firm agrees to donate its portion of the award to charity. 
>Amazon also promises in the agreement, which still requires approval 
>from a judge, to more strictly follow their own terms of service and 
>agrees to "not remotely delete or modify" ebooks once purchased.

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