[LINK] Is police spyware in your computer??

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> On Fri, 2 Oct 2009 14:32:12 +1000, Roger Clarke wrote:
> > [At face value, this is a pretty disturbing report.  It 
> seems fairly 
> > likely that it's full of misinformation from the source 
> that fed it to 
> > the reporter and/or misunderstandings by the reporter.]
> Most probably both of the above. I'm 99% sure that police are 
> not putting 
> spyware on people's computers in relation to this system. 
> The clue is in the articles' statement: "Known in the US as Operation 
> Fairplay...".

I'll add the 1% if I can.
My own experiences from stats collection on the ed2k networks would
suggest that it is merely analysis of traffic flow patterns once the
content of a file has been identified.

It's fairly easy to discover the original source (seeder). Nope not
gunna talk about it.
But if the police actions mean getting those kind of people off our
networks - well then, I for one don't really mind how they achieve their
results - as long as they get results.

On the other hand - any software attempting to utilise unknown ports
gets a very short TTL on my network.

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