[LINK] Is police spyware in your computer??

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> The list changes all the time, smokers are next in line it seems.

Ahhh well here you would catch me standing outside parliament with a
placard - "When you ban 747/767/DC-10/707/cars, I'll stop smoking." (One
747-400 during takeoff at Kingsford smith is equal to 83,000 smokers
lighting up and smoking a packet each) regarding the amount of carbon
deposited in the atmosphere. (And that's just takeoff.)

Now as to the other points - I really should just run away.

No, I don't think the law enforcement agencies have a right to snoop
on/in or near my computer with the firm exception re crimes against a
The smaller the person, the greater the leeway I am prepared to give.

I am not for surrendering all my civil rights.

But if the price of the safety of the kids that walk down my street or
the lady that gets home after midnight across the road
Or the octegenarian Italian couple two doors down is that my computer
data gets intercepted and matched against a specific pattern, then I for
one would not object.

However, I concur that there should be failsafes in place to prevent
"stitching up" and "spoofing" errors.

Do I believe they should be allowed to do this without adequate cause?


It's a hard one folks.
One important thing that I did learn whilst I was running the P2P server
and talking to other ED2K Server admins on a global basis, there is a
lot more of this stuff than I ever imagined.

Boys and girls we live in a sick society.

How do you stop the Ped* rings without DPI and pattern matching?

I can think of no other alternative.

I am happy to debate this as the solution would equal apply against
malware, virus and pishing software authors.

If there was a valid reason to shut down the ED2K Servers, torrent
seeders and disk space vendors (Rapidshare et al) then P* would be it.

And I don't express that lightly. I believe you all know or are aware of
my liberal attitude to the majority of file-sharing.

However, before I am booed out of the forum..... I am also cognizant of
the innocent courier connundrum. So mayhap the honeypot system still
works the best.
Unfortunately it's rather easy to circumvent.

Persons interesting in learning more on the size and nature of the
problem might like to read: http://antipaedo.lip6.fr/ and slide of
results here: http://antipaedo.lip6.fr/presentation_law.pdf

And yes - I shared my ED2K logfiles with the researchers.
I will comment that this subject within Australian law enforcement
appears to be an exteremly hot potato.

Tom - (Ducking and dodging any cans of worms that might be thrown back).

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