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The Knight Commission Report makes interesting reading for Linkers that
want something to do on this sunny, rainy, overcast summery day.

About which the Chairman of the FCC Julius Genachowski said: 
"I can state unequivocally that we agree with several of your
observations: the need for universal broadband, the importance of
digital literacy, and the need for a free and open Internet."

Sounds dry and boring - isn't. 


Recommendation 1: Direct media policy toward innovation, competition,
and support for business models that provide marketplace incentives for
quality journalism.  Read more ...
Recommendation 2: Increase support for public service media aimed at
meeting community information needs.  Read more ...
Recommendation 3: Increase the role of higher education, community and
nonprofit institutions as hubs of journalistic activity and other
information sharing for local communities. Read more ...
Recommendation 4: Require government at all levels to operate
transparently, facilitate easy and low-cost access to public records,
and make civic and social data available in standardized formats that
support the productive public use of such data.  Read more ...
Recommendation 5: Develop systematic quality measures of community
information ecologies, and study how they affect social outcomes. Read
more ... <http://www.report.knightcomm.org/recommendation-5> 

Recommendation 6: Integrate digital and media literacy as critical
elements of education at all levels through collaboration among federal,
state, and local education officials.  Read more ...
Recommendation 7: Fund and support public libraries
and other community institutions as centers of digital
and media training, especially for adults. Read more ...

Recommendation 8: Set ambitious standards for nationwide broadband
availability and adopt public policies encouraging consumer demand for
broadband services.  Read more ...
Recommendation 9: Maintain the national commitment
to open networks as a core objective of Internet policy. Read more ...
Recommendation 10: Support the activities of information providersto
reach local audiences with quality content through all appropriate
media, such as mobile phones, radio, and public-access cable. Read more
... <http://www.report.knightcomm.org/recommendation-10> 

There are certainly some recommendations that differ somewhat to my own
(occassionally extremist views), however, these are the recommendations
that forced Comcast to make a bid for Universal Studios.

When you combine these two sets of facts, it would appear that the
content creators will be selling out to the Telcos ensuring that they
make money out of the long tail of P2P powered file-sharing.


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