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for membership and 
look over the candidates
<http://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/index.php?title=Candidates> .

And the Koltai perspective on it.

Some of the tough questions to which even most lawyers are unable to
give a direct answer too (which no doubt the Pirate Party will be
attempting to publicize, are):

*	Can I copy my music onto my sisters' iPod?
*	Can I borrow my neighbours Hot August LP and listen to it on my
*	If I hired a really good movie from Blockbuster, am I breaking
the law by letting my next door neighbour borrow it? 
*	What about if he and I go half/half in renting it?
*	If a show was on Channel 7 last week and my PVR failed to record
all of it because channel seven started the show five minutes late - can
I download it from the internet legally?
*	May I make a back-up copy of my DVD? 
*	What is the difference between time shifting and device
*	When am I allowed to do either or both?

Think you know the answer to these and other daily copyright issues that
affect all of our lives?
Don't bet on it citizen. I asked a leading Intellectual Property
attorney these questions on Tuesday and he got over fifty percent of
them wrong.

So the Pirate Party in the first instance will have to raise these
issues with every Australian. Only then can a truly informed public
respond sensibly at the polls on what it would appear is the most
important issue in the world. 

What is copyrighted, what is not copyrighted and what are your rights
and responsibilities under the copyright law in your country.

Whilst I think the Australian Labour Party is addressing some of the
issues in a responsive and intelligent manner and I don't think the lads
have a hope in hell in getting more than one or two horses past the post
for the next round of elections, but, as they say in Oz, "It'll keep the
bastards honest.." (And here I'm referring to the industry Associations
that just love misleading the public, journalists and politicians.)

For those that want a further dose of bad spellin and grammar, rest of
article is here:


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