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> > The Australian Communications and Media Authority is seeking
> > feedback from industry and interested parties to a proposal 
> to make  
> > further spectrum in the 2 GHz band available for mobile  
> > telecommunications services in regional and remote areas of  
> > Australia. The full media release can be found at 
> http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_311916_

This is quite an exciting document. Change is in the air.

The ACMA appear to be keen on encouraging actual use pricing the new
spectrum on a differing basis to previous auctions.

An annual transmitter licence tax will apply to PMTS Class B apparatus
licences issued in the 2 GHz band. The annual transmitter licence tax
amount will be $0.06 for each paired MHz of spectrum multiplied by the
population to which the service relates. The population amount is
determined by reference to Census data.

Minimum spectrum per user = 5Mhz.

12,000,000 potential population reach (if we user the 3.6 ghz rules)

Which means that the value of the spectrum is 86,400,000 to the
Australian Government.

It's a shame they didn't make it per Gb transmitted, instead of per 5
MHz but it's a start.

It would appear that ACMA (based on provider queries) are attempting to
work around previous buyers of spectrum that are just sitting on it
without using the purchased asset.


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