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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Sun Oct 11 18:13:15 AEDT 2009

At 17:59 +1100 11/10/09, Danny Yee wrote:
>I recently booked a flight with Jetstar, and found that a mobile phone
>number was an obligatory part of the process.  (I used my partner's.)
>Now I try to sign up online for a bank account and find that "mobile
>number" is an obligatory field there as well.  Since this is for ID
>verification, I can't really use someone else's.
>In twenty or thirty years, is "not carrying a mobile phone" going to
>be a criminal offence?

Which bank?

Not only is there a small number of us who don't have a mobile as a 
matter of choice;  but there might be also some categories of people 
for whom it's outright discrimination.

(For example, maybe a prisoner is not supposed to need Jetstar's 
services, but are they precluded from having a bank account?).

Or are telcos now expected to issue non-telephone-numbers in the same 
way that driver registration offices are expected to issue 
non-driver's licences??

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