[LINK] BREIN Vs Pirate Bay - Abuse Copyright to Sue for it Re: Uh-oh -- be careful of associations

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Mon Oct 12 19:29:32 AEDT 2009

At 04:20 12/10/2009, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>This from Fwd: Slattery's Watch - 12th October, 2009 made me laugh out loud.
> >  <http://www.rippledirect.com.au/ECeS.cfm?e=i27-10-x5-19hho2b>iiNet
> > has begun its defence in the Federal Court copyright case pointing
> > out that the film studios making claims against iiNet have
> > contractual relationships with the companies that operate software
> > and websites that enable the illegal downloading of material.
>Lots more interesting stuff in the newsletter today, including
>- a combined data centre for Melbourne, Monash and RMIT. What does
>this mean for privacy?
>- new procurement arrangements for the Cwlth Government
>- a  major cost overrun and late project in NSW: $23mil and 9 years later.....

Bit like the BREIN in the EU prosecuting The 
Pirate Bay "owners" by creating fraudulent 
documents, tendering them to a court and using 
the names of companies that have never had a 
relationship with any of the parties!

Some of the documents that have been "created" 
even carry COPYRIGHT noticed form the companies 
for which would NORMALLY create them.  Yet those 
companies state that the documents were never produced by them, yet.

Guess when you are the Recording Industry suing 
over copyright, you will use anyones NAME, Trade 
Mark or Copyright to prove your point, even if 
you are thieving someone else's Intellectual property and Copyright!

Well worth the time to read the blogs, especially the last one #FAIL



I was hoping for them to say just that, it was 
kind of what I was expecting. That’s because I 
left some parts a bit open (about Experian). I 
don’t need Experians research, as there is 
something as interesting as two different 
versions of the experian document out there


BREIN has been accusing us for breaking dutch law 
with allowing people in The Netherlands to access TPB.
They actually won the first case, on a default 
judgement since we didn’t show. We didn’t show 
because we didn’t even know about the case until 
two days before. Similar behaviour has been shown 
in Italy where we actually lost a court case 
because we were not aware of it. There is of 
course also the issue of jurisdiction. We are not 
living in the Netherlands any of us nor do we 
have any connection to the country that I am aware of

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