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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Oct 13 08:38:06 AEDT 2009

Philip Argy, Chairman of the WIPO Planning Committee has sent out a new
draft Web Dispute Resolution Policy and invited comment
<http://www.argystar.com/WDRP.html>. He is in Geneva at WIPO
conferences, so if you are there, look him up, otherwise you can join
the WDRP discussion group on Facebook or email him comments.

The draft policy is available as an RFT document 
<http://www.argystar.com/WDRPv1.rtf>. It is a shame WIPO are
not producing the policy as a well formatted web page. My attempt at a
web translation is at:

1. Purpose. This Web Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Policy") is 
incorporated by reference into your agreement with us as an organisation 
that provides any web-based facility or application, and sets forth the 
terms and conditions that will apply in connection with any dispute 
between you and a third party involving intellectual property which 
includes copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, designs 
including matters such as the use of an identity, name or avatar used by 
you, or otherwise challenging the legality of your conduct. Proceedings 
under this Policy will be conducted according to the Rules for Web 
Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Rules of Procedure"), which are 
available at www.wipo.org/wdrp/wdrp-rules-24nov2009.htm , and WIPO's 
supplemental rules available at 
www.wipo.org/wdrp/wdrp-supprules-24nov2009.htm ...

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