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> Philip Argy, Chairman of the WIPO Planning Committee has sent 
> out a new draft Web Dispute Resolution Policy and invited 
> comment <http://www.argystar.com/WDRP.html>. He is in Geneva 
> at WIPO conferences, so if you are there, look him up, 
> otherwise you can join the WDRP discussion group on Facebook 
> or email him comments.

Yes, I've came across Mr. Argy before. (The Australian Internet
Association.) I used to like him and thought highly of his reasoning
Then (IMHO) he lied in court as a sworn witness. 
I'm afraid I don't have much time for him, his opinions or his (IMHO)
lies any longer.

On the other hand I have a friend who told me : There is no such thing
as a lie, only many different versions of the same truth.

Ergo, Mr. Argy and I obviously have 180 degree observations of the same
truth, one of us must be deluded, probably me. 
But I have noticed one interesting aspect of this apparent conundrum.
Mr. Argy's opinions and answers appear to lean towards the paymaster.

I am unable to see any philanthripic value to Mr. Argy's Chairmanship of
the WIPO committee, therefore there has to be a financial one. My
experience is that it will probably not benefit the average man in the



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