[LINK] Top five reasons for Australia to Get a Root-Server.

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>I would have thought that all Australian routes would be travelling on
>one of the four links out of the country.

>There are far more than 4 Internet links out of Australia.

Quite correct. There goes my fingers typing without engaging brain
I forgot about PPC-1.

Let me count them.

Southern Cross

Yep, 5.

Satellites with dying batteries not counted.

>>For the Optus Looking glass to say- there is no ICMP route is
>>a routing error that somewhere along the chain must rely on a root

>Routing has absolutely nothing to do with root servers.  Nothing at
all.  Less than nothing, in fact.
Lets look at:
Pakistan YouTube block exposes fundamental Internet security weakness:
Concern that Pakistani action affected YouTube access elsewhere in world


.	f.root-servers.net is
.	Restricted radius of propagation of
.	Especially useful for partitioning a DoS attack, and keeping it
.	Flexibility: add or drop servers at will
.	Core Internet routing protocol is BGP,
.	which is loosely distance-vector based
.	Where multiple paths are present, exactly one is chosen
.	Not useful for "load balancing" (Is that Routing arbitration?)
.	source routing and source spoofing don't mix

From: http://ftp.isc.org/isc/pubs/pres/SANOG/1/F.Root.Nameserver.pdf

To say that routing has nothing to do with Root Name Servers, ignores
the original pre BGP nature of the net.

Root Server < DNS < Resolve IP < in.addr.arpa <Shortest Path <AS <BGP <
return path. 

Is this wrong?

<snip - other unfriendly commentary about my tin foil hat. It's Pink

And finally...

Guys, I'll play Tennis all day. However, the crux of my argument
(although slightly flawed) was that we need our own Root Server.
If the "J" server now lives here instead of VA, then we have one.

Now we just need to get more involved with it's policy management, but I
assume all you chaps have that well in hand.


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