[LINK] Top five reasons for Australia to Get a Root-Server.

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Oct 13 18:37:02 AEDT 2009

Mr Sanders,

If I really have to spell out the problem. Then I will.

Hijacked Root Servers.

The End.

Possibly my presentation has been lacking. For which I apologise. I'm a
spreadsheet guy. BGP is waaaay down the list of "must keep up to date
with" (include bind with that),  do's for me and yes it's been ten years
since I had to update DNS or even touch a router bigger than a dlink
My last technical volume on DNS and Bind is the third edition Oreilly,
dated Sep 1998.

My original article appeared to have some technical innacuracy regarding
a no-longer valid costing example. Silly me for not researching more
recent materials.
My memory of all things routing is rusty.

My hypothesis that root servers are the backbone of a country's
successful ecommerce success still stands.

And I assure you that spam and other nasties CAN be managed from a root
server as can redirections and all sorts of other interesting things.

And no apology for top posting. It's what I do when I get all fired up
and am still facing a blank wall staring back.

I guess, you will see what you have been trained to see and I will see
what I have discovered to be correct.

Purpose of the initial posting - to create an environment for the
exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Obviously my ideas and your superior knowledge.

Thank-you for playing.

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> > Possibly technology has moved on to the point where Root 
> Servers are 
> > not the final arbiters of whether a spammer can deliver an email to 
> > thousands of addresses.
> DNS Root Servers have *NEVER* been the final arbiter of 
> whether spammers can deliver their garbage.  never have been 
> and never will be.
> what you've been saying in this entire thread is pure 
> nonsense - a mishmash of misunderstandings of several 
> unrelated concepts.  NONE of the things you've mentioned work 
> anything like the way you seem to think they do.
> craig
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