[LINK] Streisand Effect in the real world

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Thu Oct 15 03:38:55 AEDT 2009

At 11:25 14/10/2009, Craig Sanders wrote:
>the net is still useful for something other than astroturfing and spam
>after all...

>But overnight numerous users of the social networking site Twitter
>posted details of Farrelly's question and by this morning the full text
>had been published on two prominent blogs as well as in the magazine
>Private Eye.

Mememe!  I was part of that, as was Wikileaks and other journalists 
and bloggers and omg it was like a Victoria Fire Storm without a 
chance of rain!

>MPs from all three major parties condemned the firm's attempt to prevent
>the reporting of parliamentary proceedings.

Absurd to think that a Court could 'gag' publishing information 
published in Parliament in open question time!  It was broadcast on TV anyway!

A LOT of people were watching for this because gag orders have become 
a trend in the UK.

Sadly they only draw more attention to the issue.  Smart litigants 
are using gag order applications to get the media to report on their cases!

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