[LINK] "Data download caps to remain under NBN"

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Mon Oct 19 19:51:44 AEDT 2009

Just read an article on SmartCompany and... I am confused - thought it 
might interest some.
The subject is how data caps will remain under the NBN, but there is no 
mention of what I have always understood to be the root cause of the 
data caps - the trans-pacific lines that we pay for.
Why on earth would the caps be removed just because the lines are faster?
Nothing has changed.

It would make sense to make domestic traffic unmetered - put the meter 
at the boundary routers and you're done, and think of the boom to the 
domestic internet industry!
But while the pacific pipes are the bottleneck on traffic and we pay for 
them from our end, I can't see why removal of metering would be even 
considered (darn it!)

Lea de Groot
Brisbane, .au

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