[LINK] We can’t turn back the tide of internet piracy, says TV boss

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Someone talking sense about internet copyright infringement.



> We can’t turn back the tide of internet piracy, says TV boss
> Internet piracy is merely demand where appropriate supply does not  
> exist, people will never go back to buying music legally, and  
> protecting information online will only destroy businesses,  
> according to a provocative essay set to appear on a Scottish  
> Government-funded website tomorrow.
> Written by Alice Taylor, commissioning editor for education at  
> Channel 4, the essay flies in the face of Westminster’s Digital  
> Britain report, which recommended that persistent file-sharers  
> should have their internet access restricted or even barred.
> Taylor argues that enforcing out-dated attitudes on how information  
> is shared – ie, paying for it – is “a dying behemoth”.
> She writes: “We must not let these dying behemoths take away  
> someone’s internet access – and connection to the world – for some  
> accusatory, unprovable ‘piracy’ claim, ever.”
> Taylor was commissioned to write the essay for Perspectives, a  
> website designed to engage with Scotland’s creative industries and  
> practitioners, ahead of the establishment of Creative Scotland, the  
> body being formed by the merging of Scottish Screen and the Scottish  
> Arts Council.
> The essay is aimed at provoking debate about intellectual property,  
> copyright and accessibility. The issue has vexed bands from  
> Metallica to Radiohead and is one which Creative Scotland will form  
> a policy on when it comes into being next spring.
> Access is key to success, and piracy was “simply demand where supply  
> does not exist,” said Taylor.
> She added that using “pointless protection mechanisms” and  
> regulation, “restricts a person’s ability, as a creator, to be  
> discovered”.

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