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> Five Technologies That Could Change Everything 
> OCTOBER 19, 2009  The Wall Street Journal Cover Story By 
> <http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703746604574461
> 342682276898
> html>
> ground receiving 
> station a mile in diameter could deliver about 1,000 
> megawatts-enough to 
> power on average about 1,000 U.S. homes.

Wow those US guys must use some power.

In Oz, the average per home under load is 3.4 Kw

Imagine having the server farm you could run with a megawatt.
Wow. I am impressed.

I think he meant to say 10,000 homes.

And if we can generate power from Microwaves, then there are already a
whole pile of them already in space. Why don't we just use them?

Oh because they're too weak. Ahhh, so the beam from space will be well
outside the normal "safe zone" then?

It would appear it will have to be.

Nope, I give this one a Meh.

It's interesting, the easiest and cheapest fuel wasn't discussed.
i.e.: cracking hydrogen from water.

I hate it when the tax man comes before the mankind.

i.e.: Insert water - crack hydrogen with solar power, burn hydrogen --
NO CO2. Who the hell needs coal?


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