[LINK] Nice little Conflicker spreader email.

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Wed Oct 21 10:59:50 AEDT 2009

On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 at 09:06:14 +1100 Michael Skeggs wrote:
> You are Adam Todd and I claim my five pounds!
> 2009/10/21 Avi Miller <avi.miller at gmail.com>
>> Rick Welykochy wrote:
>>> Gotcha! I AM ADAM TODD!
>> Is Wednesday too early in the week for an I AM SPARTACUS! reference
Looks like we've exposed several Adam Todds (Adams Todd?) -er- we've 
found Adam Todd several times. Now: where's Osama Bin Laden?
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