[LINK] Brainless Telstra Web-Site Designers

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Oct 22 10:10:59 AEDT 2009

I'm old-fashioned I know, but I continue to use a Telecard, so I can 
make calls while overseas and have them billed to my home account.

Telstra used to have a (well-hidden) page that listed the access 
numbers in all countries.

I went to print it out, and it's disappeared.  (Web-pages seems to 
have a half-life of a year or two, before another gormless 'designer' 
sweeps everything clean, resulting in a vacuous 404 page appearing 

The latest idiot has produced a page on which you can look up one 
country at a time but can't see all at once, or even a few;  and 
(presumably by using some unnecessary and dysfunctional Javascript 
instead of HTML) they've caused it to be unprintable.

Which is precisely what my real reactions to their ineptitude are ...

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