[LINK] GovHack - Canberra 30/31 October

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Thu Oct 22 11:25:09 AEDT 2009

George Bray wrote:
> GovHack is a free, intensive day and a half exploring ways of creating
> mashups and applications with government data and services, and most
> importantly building some applications before the event is over.
> http://govhack.org/

There is quite a bit of data already
available on the Internet (such as
traffic stats and Carbon Calcultors).
Using this I have done some simple
modelling on the CO2 generated by
traffic in Sydney - I hope it will be a
catalyst for a more sophisticated mashup.

> That would add up to 106kgx15,724prius=1,666,744 kg of CO2. A Eucalptus Tree (Hardwood) which has grown a trunk of 100cm Trunk has absorbed 1,182kg of CO2. So, those 15,724 Prius travelling through Annandale alone, would generate more CO2 than 1410 mid size Eucalypt Trees have absorbed. Noting also, that this assumes the electricity the prius uses is generated elsewhere and produces no CO2.

This probably contributes to:
Australia's CO2 emissions of 17/person
Germany's 8/person
China's 4 /person

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