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I thought Linkers would smile at my latest conclusion.

The Argument AGAINST Intellectual Property as an Industry. 

>From the "The Biggest Trump Card Ever" Department.
I like growing Bonsai plants, I like buying bonsai plants and I love
visiting Bonsai nurseries to view other peoples representations of
miniature trees.

I prefer to visit those nurseries that are grouped. In other words, to
obtain the maximum viewing perspective bang for my buck, I am more
likely to visit those Bonsai Nurseries that are closely grouped with
others enabling me to visit several in a single day.

This concept is called window shopping and is very familiar to 51.4%
(the fairer sex) of our population.

Price comparative shopping has long been a genuine method of engendering
competition between industries, which in the long run eliminate the
poorer manufacturers and has the effect of lowering the prices to the

An industry where there is only one manufacturer prevents competition,
retains high prices and prevents widespread takeup, therefore stifling
ubiquitous ownership and the very technology itself.

Example: One day in the Near Future. Place, Cern, Switzerland.

Dear Diary, today by accident I found the Higgs boson
. Now I'm wondering that if I patent the method of discovery making me
the only one that can actually obtain benefit from it. 

Does that make me God?

Well yes, I believe that it does.

With the power of creation now safely patented, am I then the owner of
all of the universe?

Well, yes I believe that I would be. 

OK, President Obama, my  "God Particle" card trumps your "Copyright
Spell" card.

I win.

Signed Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory.


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