[LINK] Online support for the Australian Deployable Civilian Capability

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Sun Oct 25 20:22:46 AEDT 2009

According to media reports, the Prime Minister announced the creation of
an Office of the Deployable Civilian Capability (DCC) within AusAid, at
at the East Asia Summit:

The proposal is to have a register of up to 500 civilians ready to
travel to disaster zones in the region at short notice. There are no
details of this on the PMs, or any other Australian Government web site
yet. However, there has been a small Deployable Civilian Capability
Group (DCC) in Australia's government aid agency (AusAid) for some time.

As part of this I have suggested expanding the open source Sahana 
disaster management system into an emergency information communications 
system and have it deployable with the group. Also online group learning 
could be used to help maintain an esprit de corps amongst people who 
will rarely see each other:

Also the in-flight entertainment systems in civilian aircraft could be 
used for last minute briefings and refresher training on the long trip 
from Australia to the disaster zone: 

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