[LINK] ABC seeks law ensuring free content on broadband

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Mon Sep 7 16:04:09 AEST 2009

Given that some ISP's evidently can't add up: 
<http://david.boxall.id.au/bluemaxx/timeline.html#20090820>, how are 
they going to cope with not charging for bandwidth to access some content?

> *THE ABC has called on the federal government to pass laws ensuring 
> consumers won't have to pay to access any publicly funded content 
> carried on the planned national broadband network, a measure that 
> would give it a huge advantage over its commercial rivals.*
> As the federal government would contribute a large share of the cost 
> of building the network and keep a major stake in it for at least five 
> years, the NBN company should be legislatively obliged to carry the 
> ABC's online media content and other public services for free, ABC 
> managing director Mark Scott said in a recent submission on regulating 
> the new network.
> Australia's two big internet providers, Telstra and Optus, oppose 
> lifting download charges for publicly funded internet content, which 
> they see as threatening their own walled-garden content offerings.
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