[LINK] ABC seeks law ensuring free content on broadband

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Mon Sep 7 18:18:38 AEST 2009

At 04:28 PM 7/09/2009, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> > Given that some ISP's evidently can't add up:
> > <http://david.boxall.id.au/bluemaxx/timeline.html#20090820>, how are
> > they going to cope with not charging for bandwidth to access some content?

Internode used to offer all of ABC content for no data charge. But 
now the ABC is a range of formats which they can no longer deal with 
[so I've been told]. They only have Iview now. Not even ABC streaming radio.

I wrote to the digital guru at ABC but never received a reply. Maybe 
it's time to write them again.


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