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David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Tue Sep 8 12:17:19 AEST 2009

On Mon, 07 Sep 2009 at 22:41:32 +1000 Karl Auer wrote:
> ...
> Unless you are storing very little energy, of course - but we are
> talking about sufficient energy stored as compressed gas to power a car,
> and presumably for some useful distance ...
We're talking hybrid. The primary energy source is still liquid fuel.

> I'm not sure why you say stop-start driving means energy is not stored
> for long.
Regenerative braking stores the energy. Moving off again expends it. 
Once again: we're talking hybrid, not alternative energy source only.
> ...
>> Transport will reply on liquid fuels for the foreseeable future, at 
>> least for longer distances. ...
> I think it is an unfortunate distraction that delays the inevitable
> re-education of the motoring public to the realities of a world where we
> just don't have the luxury of burning stuff to make energy.
For most of the journeys for which hybrids are intended, public 
transport makes far more sense. For longer journeys, various forms of 
biodiesel could provide the energy. None of the others are realistic 

Burnable stuff is still our most effective way of carrying the necessary 
energy. Hybrids improve efficiency under conditions in which burning 
stuff is least efficient.
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