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Linkers might be interested in a recent winner of New Inventors

Multimode Entanglement

Faster computers, more secure information transfer, smarter sensors – 
all technologies that could benefit from a new, simpler way of 
manipulating light to convey much more information using fewer light 
beams and resources.
A research team based at The Australian National University has 
developed a breakthrough approach to generating quantum entanglement. 
This finding is one more piece in the puzzle towards the future 
realization of quantum computers, which would be many times faster and 
more powerful than existing computers. But in the medium timeframe this 
discovery could assist in the development of quantum technologies – 
things like quantum communication and information processing.

About the Inventor
Quantum Image group in ACQAO at the Australian National University, Kate 
Wagner,Seiji Armstrong and Hans Bachor.

For more information about Multimode Entanglement, contact the following:
Professor Hans Bachor, Director, Australian Research Council Centre of 
Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics.

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